Broker's Comment

by Jon Kohler, Jon Kohler & Associates, LLC

John Downs and Lamont Ennis

Jon Kohler

At 8,991+/- deeded acres, in two nearby blocks, this amount of contiguous fertile farmland in the southeast is an unheard of offering and every landowners dream. Having the lease on another contiguous 4,993+/- acres is another unbelievable feat. The wealth in water here is literally beyond anyone's imagination and runs from two magnitude 2 springs, water-use permits already locked down for 20 years with no daily max, a 170 acre lake, 19 total center pivots operated by SCC with schematics for 2,280+/- acres more just on the deeded lands, 39 wells, and a 35,000 sf building for bottling at I-10. On top of that, this property is extremely well-capitalized and with practically every acre having been improved to maximum productivity including the lease land. This property is the textbook example of high quality land and one may capitalize on many diverse agricultural opportunities not offered to most. Although the current owner's passion is cattle genetics and the property today is operated more as a cattle ranch, the truth is that this land is as fertile here as the most fertile land to be found anywhere in the southeast. The name Southern Ag Company could be more appropriate here than even the name Southern Cattle Company.

It is undoubtable that this offering is the most significant agricultural property to come on the southern market in recent memory. The overall level of the quality across all aspects of the property is stunningly remarkable. The livestock carrying capacity, soil quality, crop diversity, irrigation, bottling tests and permitting work, climate, location, infrastructure, cattle genetics, and sheer size are unmatchable in the south. The due diligence book put together here does an outstanding job describing the unique features of the property; however, after seeing this property, it will forever change your image of what a high quality diverse agricultural operation should be, or could be. Spending any time with the manager, Lamont Ennis, will also put it into immediate perspective how to capitalize on the quality of this entire operation, particularly cattle.

While this is an asset sale and the soil profile here is far and away higher than any cattle ranch we have seen, there is extreme value and industry wide respect in the name Southern Cattle Company. To me, this opportunity reminds me of having a national championship Division I football program. One can start with a blank slate, like Bobby Bowden did, and after decades of skill, toil, and prayer hope to build it into a consistent championship program (which almost everyone fails to accomplish). Or, one can come into an already-built program, like Jimbo Fisher did, customize and build it into his own, and enjoy the winning program, playing for national championships, and simply skipping the decades of the toil. Life is short and uncertain and there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity, as Jimbo did. Essentially, the same opportunity and decision lies here, but with the cattle genetics and land.

As a Florida State fan and graduate, I witnessed Bobby Bowden learn from decades of losses and toil, bad facilities, and less than the best players, to politics and fighting the NCAA and others. There were a lot of losses early on. The value of being able to walk into a championship program like the one here where the land fertility is proven, bulls are proven, offspring is proven, essentially the talent for the next decade has been recruited, the reputation made, research vetted, infrastructure built, entitled water resources from potential bottling to irrigation to one of the largest private lakes in the Southeast. To me, the best of all, is operating a cattle ranch/farm combination on premium farmland where a carrying capacity of one cow per acre may be obtainable in a latitude and location that allows a longer growing season on fertile soils than anywhere else in the country. Like the program Bobby built, it takes time and resources to create more than a ranch, but a sustainable program. There are literally tens of millions of dollars more invested into this program to make it what it is today than the listing price.

Whether one is looking for top farmland soils, or a diverse agricultural and ranch opportunity, this is one of the largest and finest opportunities to become available in quite some time. For one that has the financial ability and desire to own one of the top agricultural properties or cattle ranches in the south, and can either add Southern Cattle Company to your existing program or seize this opportunity to save the time, the uncertainty, and the millions of dollars, and use this as your flagship operation, we can prove to you the value in the asking price..

If one is looking to preserve wealth for a Social Storm® Wealth Preservation property, this, too, is an ideal investment. If I had a choice of “hard assets” to own, or even between owning stocks, precious metals, or currency, I would choose high quality land and water. Water is one of the most perfect assets to own. The water here is phenomenal. I don’t want to get into bottling speculation here, but the projections I have heard are in the tens of millions per year. There are already several observation wells on Waddell Spring and a 35,000 sf building on Interstate-10 for a bottling operation included in the offering. There is also a full time water permitting expert on staff. Another seven 12' wells are permitted for irrigation, and experts penciled in a potential of about 2,200 additional acres under pivot. SCC takes water very seriously.

We’re not your typical ranch brokerage and this isn’t your typical ranch or farmland opportunity. This is a very, very different property than the other ranches or farms either currently on the market, or that have been on the market. The turn-key asking price will be $55M including cattle, embryos, horses, equipment, water permits, established leases, etc. However, we are able to sell the land separately and there are two main blocks in the ranch. We have thoroughly mapped and extensively studied the entire ranch and have broken it down acre per acre across the entire ranch, water values, pivots, wells, infrastructure, and comparable sales to discuss this investment with you if you would like.

I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Jon Kohler
Jon Kohler & Associates, LLC